Chers compatriotes,

Nos élections générales auront lieu dans trois semaines et, à l’exception d’un ou deux petits partis politiques, aucun n’a présenté de propositions de gouvernement concrètes concernant notre prochaine législature.

Jusqu’à présent, les meetings politiques ont été passés à écouter les politiciens se détruire les uns les autres, sans beaucoup de propositions concrètes en termes de programmes, de mesures réfléchies ou d’autres éléments capables de nous aider à nous faire une idée précise de leurs intentions en cas d’élection.

Cette fois-ci encore, à moins que nous ne fassions très attention, la campagne sera l’occasion pour les électeurs dans les circonscriptions de discuter des votes à accorder, mais de laisser les grands Seigneurs qui nous gouvernent décider seuls quel programme ils appliqueront. Le surlendemain de l’élection, ce sera du « business as usual ».

Nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance du message et du texte d’une « DÉCLARATION » formelle que nous avons l’intention de transmettre à tous les partis politiques de l’île, en leur demandant de nous fournir des engagements et des assurances quant à la manière dont ils entendent utiliser nos votes pendant leur mandat (au cas où ils seraient élus) pour promouvoir nos intérêts et le développement du pays de la manière la plus appropriée possible.

Veuillez lire ce texte, ci-joint. La manière dont les politiciens la traiteront est de la plus haute importance, car elle révélera dans quelle mesure les partis politiques et leurs candidats ont l’intention de « jouer le jeu politique » correctement envers nous.

La publication de leurs manifestes électoraux est attendue le prochain week-end. Voyons donc quelle importance exacte ils accorderont à la présente proposition.

Sans aucun doute, ce sera très révélateur !

Avec nos meilleures salutations,

L’équipe d’ « Allo-Maurice »

Dear fellow countrymen and countrywomen,

Our general elections will be taking place in 3 weeks’ time, and apart from a couple of small political parties, none of the main ones has come forward yet with concrete proposals pertaining to their programme.

So far, political rallies have been spent listening to politicians hitting at each other, without much coming forward in terms of outlook, programmes, sensible measures and such other elements that would help us find our way within the usual discourse of criticism of opponents and camouflage of intentions, if any.

Thus, as in the past, unless we are dead careful, the campaign will provide an opportunity for entertainment, fun, exchanges of views, and not much else, and 48 hours after election day, “business as usual” will resume, and the people of Mauritius will have missed yet another chance of stating clearly to those seeking election what THEY want.

We are inviting you to peruse the short message and the text of the formal « DECLARATION » that we intend to forward to every political party in Mauritius, asking them to take a pledge on the use of our votes during their term of office (in case they are elected) in the furtherance of our interests only, not of theirs.

Please check this text, as attached. The way politicians will deal with it is of the highest importance, as it will reveal the extent to which political parties and their candidates intend to “play the political game fairly” with us.

They are expected to come out with their manifesto this coming week-end. Let us see what importance exactly they will give to our proposal and whether they will sign and publish it or not.

All this will be highly revealing indeed!

With our best regards,

The “Allo-Maurice” team



…présentant des candidats à l’élection pour les consultations du 7 novembre 2019


Veuillez trouver ci-dessous le texte d’une proposition d’engagement (téléchargeable) de votre parti en vue des prochaines élections intitulé « DECLARATION OF PORT-LOUIS 2019 ».

Si vous estimez que cette « DECLARATION » mérite de recevoir votre attention et votre considération, nous vous invitons à la faire signer par votre représentant / fondé de pouvoir / décisionnaire et à en donner publication en la joignant à votre prochain manifeste électoral.

Au cas où vous ne le faites pas, nous en tirerons les conséquences, et nous en ferons part aux dizaines de milliers de personnes que nous touchons lors de la publication de chacune de nos chroniques.

Merci d’avance pour l’attention que vous déciderez d’apporter (ou pas) à notre proposition.


A. Jean-Claude Montocchio        




Pledge of the individual political parties of Mauritius to serve the motherland

with honour, pride, integrity and transparency


We, ………………………………………………………. (full name of proxy), acting on behalf and through delegation of authority from ………………………………………………. (full name of political party / alliance / coalition) hereby pledge and take the engagement, in case of election of our candidates to the National Assembly, to exercise power and/or contribute to the exercise of power in the course of the next legislature in a responsible and fair manner. Our elected representatives will follow closely and uphold the following values, principles and initiatives throughout the duration of the mandate entrusted to them by the people of Mauritius, following the exercise by the latter of their full rights and privileges as citizens of our motherland in the coming election, as follows :

  1. Act at all times in favour of the enhancement of human rights and freedoms and the adoption of appropriate legislation, and endeavour to promote and safeguard democracy and good governance, through the setting of good example, appropriate measures and proper and effective application of decisions.
  1. Register our political party, its Rules and Bye-Laws with the Registrar of Associations no later than 31st. January 2020. Give publication to such registration, duly confirmed, no later than 15 days after confirmation of same by the relevant authority. Have the political party’s accounts duly audited and published no later than 3 months after the end of our fiscal year. Release publicly 15 days after our AGM the names of our office bearers and their respective functions for the ensuing year.  
  1. Put up structures throughout the country meant to provide citizens with an understanding of all aspects of political life (including political systems, party politics, programmes and participation), of economic development, of appropriate behaviour towards self and others, of civic spirit, of rights and duties of citizens as a group and of attainment of personal endeavours.
  1. Participate in the organisation of a national campaign aimed at getting all citizens of our motherland to contribute to a country-wide debate on our present Constitution and amend its text in a manner conducive to fairness, equality, equal opportunities, full separation of the three powers – the legislative, the executive and the judiciary – from each other, full independence of the judiciary and of the public institutions participating in the administration of the country, strongly enhanced prerogatives of ordinary citizens to question and debate over matters sensitive to the common good, to the ‘living together’ and to the furtherance of progress and development of all public fields in Mauritius. Aim at the completion of such exercise, by way of a referendum, before the end of the regular parliamentary term starting in November 2019.
  1. In the process of amending our Constitution, study and include as appropriate in its text provisions pertaining to the maintaining or not of the classification of Mauritian citizens along separate so-called ‘ethnic’ lines, to new checks and balances aimed at reducing the prerogatives of elected politicians enjoying the unwarranted advantage of deciding without any constraint and opposition, to the possible appropriateness of the separation of the legislative and executive powers and the taking of steps in relation thereto, to redefining certain aspects of our electoral system, including the regular defining of judicious constituency boundaries, meant to ensure equitable representation of the people.
  1. Additionally, review the process of financing of political parties at any point in time in between mandates, ensuring that financing, if at all eventually allowed by law, cannot prompt in any manner whatsoever political parties and individual politicians funded by private interests to entertain moral obligations vis-à-vis individual donors when considering requests and dossiers submitted by the aforesaid donors and deciding thereon.
  1. Refrain from initiating and/or taking part in a debate in the National Assembly pertaining to our own salaries and other such remuneration, in whatever sort and form, as well as in other debates where we would be called upon to appreciate proposals both as judges and parties. We take the engagement to always entrust such matters to perfectly independent bodies composed of persons enjoying a reputation for their moral integrity, neutrality and fairness in their reasoning and behaviour.
  1. In the field of communications and broadcasting, refrain from using, at any time during a legislature, undue prerogatives leading to the control and presentation by ministries, public bodies and public medias of information in a biased and subjective manner, or to the withholding of information voluntarily meant to misguide and influence public opinion.
  1. Uphold at all times the public values of patriotism, democracy, merit, responsibility, accountability, compliance with law, rigour, sincerity and honesty. Entertain and promote a clearly defined vision of the future of Mauritius conducive to its development in the short and long terms, through appropriate and balanced measures pertaining to the economy, education, the environment, public health, town and country planning, communications, external relations and all other aspects of government that are conducive to the furtherance of the interests and well-being of the entire community of citizens.
  1. Refrain from appointing, under any circumstances whatsoever, the same member of our political party to the status of Prime Minister of Mauritius for more than two terms of office in such capacity, even though circumstances make such appointment possible in principle.
  1. Abstain from discriminating, in any situation and against any local party whatsoever (be it a moral or physical person), on grounds of ethnic and religious status and other considerations, notably differences in political opinion, utterance of fair criticism, sympathy for opponents, personal ideas, beliefs and engagements. Cast at all times a favourable image of our party and of its representatives, whether in Mauritius or abroad.


In Mauritius, on this ………………… day of October 2019



for  ………………………………………………. (name of party / alliance / coalition)


Stamp, if available: 


Printed and published alongside the electoral manifesto of our party on




Fichier à télécharger pour signature / File to download for signature:    DECLARATION OF PORT LOUIS 2019